«A New Day Begins» is our 7th full length album. It has come to life during 3 sessions in Kysten Studio in Tromsø, with Ariel Joshua Sivertsen as a producer and the band as co-producers. 5 of the 11 songs have been released as singles already, such as Brother (13 weeks listed on P1), A new day begins (14 weeks and counting listed on P1), Lovers & Liars (P1 regional listing), Come High | Come Low (P1 regional listing) and Superman. In regard to radio-airplay, this is already the most successful album in the catalogue so far.


The focus track for the record will be “You Wanna Do It Too”, an up-tempo, energetic rock track, that celebrates the life of being on the road, making music, meeting friends, and just having fun. Just what we need these days, as we are looking forward to a reopening of society, and hopefully a festival summer of 2021 that will explode into euphoria as we finally meet again.